Also, remember the one who gave you the talent and gift of music. The one who created you. Without him, we would not have music. Therefore, give thanks to him daily. Music gives flight to the emotions we feel, so pour your out, let it be an outlet and do with it what you may.

What will you do with your music?

Over the past couple weeks, I have been discussing music, the evolution of music, its affect, different genres and many other things. I hope that somehow I have expanded your knowledge of music and allowed you to see it through different eyes. I also hope that with this information, you will choose to be more aware of what you listen to and how it might affect you. If you are a Christ follower, I hope you take this very seriously when I say that everything you do people see, and with that you should remember the influence your example is to those who do not know the Lord. Make sure your music represents who Christ is. I am not asking you to get rid of your favorite country, pop, indie or alternative music. I am just asking that you accept that challenge that I too have accepted, and do with your music, what is pleasing to the Lord.

Music and Culture

One of my favorite things about music is how it reveals culture. Each race, ethnicity and group of people have a different type of music. Their music shows so much of who they are and what they believe. All different types of music allow others to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Music is one of the most primal and fundamental aspects of human culture with many arguing that music predates the emergence of language itself. Music lets you rediscover your humanity, and your connection to humanity. And lastly, music creates unity. It allows people to come together as one and discover who they are as one unit. 

Artists too easily influenced by society?

A lot of artists will do whatever it takes to make their fans happy, including loose themselves and what they believe in. Katy Perry is a perfect example of this. Before becoming the pop sensation she is now, Katy Perry was an amazing and highly talented Christian singer in early 2001. Although, the Christian genre was not putting her to the point of fame she so truly desired. Katy Perry then in 2008 came out with a brand new album, featuring “I kissed a girl”. How disappointing it is to me that artists will loose themselves, because they want fame so badly. Kevin Jonas, one of the Jonas Brothers became extremely successful with his two brothers Nick and Joe, and never once let go of who he was as a man, artist, person or believer. He stood firm in wearing his promise ring, regardless of what the tabloids negative comments had to say. I commend you Kevin, and have hope that someday many more artists will choose an influential path for good.

Music is my religion

"Music is my Religion"

-Jimi Hendrix

I came across this one day while on Pinterest and kind of went to battle with this in my mind. I love Jimi Hendrix, he was an amazing electric guitar player and had some huge hits when my parents were young such as ‘Foxy Lady’ ‘Mercy Mercy’ and many more. Although to think of music as my religion, is not in my eyes biblical or something I could agree with. Do I love music? Yes. Do I believe it has a huge impact? Absolutely. Do I agree that worship leaders have a huge impact on religion? More than you know, but I would not say that Music is my religion, I would say Music has influenced my religion. 

Anything that is placed before the Lord, is an idol and I do not want to conform to this. Therefore, I will stand firm and say Music has influenced my religion and I thank God for the talented people he has created to be used to spread the word and expand God’s kingdom.

Live/Acoustic vs. Album Tracks

I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of acoustic albums or live tracks rather than the track on the album. A lot of people ask me why, but I truly believe it reveals how talented or good an artist truly is by hearing their voice raw and without technologies’ effect on their music. Because we have such amazing effects, an artist can depend so much upon this that they loose practice and can be seen as untalented. Artists, such as Taylor Swift have difficult with live music, because they have placed so much affect on their album, that when it comes down to singing it live, they have to make so many changes and they do not sounds very good. Coldplay, John Mayer, Miranda Lambert, Justin Nozuka, Hillsong and Jesus Culture have done an amazing job of making sure that they have those affects, but can also perform them to their full capacity.

Lastly, I truly believe watching an artist sing their music live can allow you to connect with them. Their emotions come out so much in their performance that you truly see who they are as an artist and what they represent.  


A lot of the time, when I asked by brother “hey, what’s your favorite song” he always seems to respond with the same answer… “my favorite song is *balh blah* BECAUSE the beat is so good”. Well brother, what about the lyrics? 

A song can be so  good instrumentally, but can lack in the lyric department. To me, without good lyrics, a song can completely loose itself. Recently, Katy Perry came out with a song called “Dark Horse” I have not heard a beat and instrumental like this since being a kid in the 90’s. Although, the lyrics make me not want to listen to the song anymore. I feel as if it has lost its touch. Another example being, “How he loves us” by John Mark Mcmillian. This song has such a great story behind it, and is so touching. John McMillian sang this song with the lyrics “Heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss”. A lot of people who lead worship or even artists such as David Crowder have changed these lyrics to “Heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss”. To me, although people might not like the analogy of a sloppy wet kiss, it just goes to show you how much God loves us and wants to be close to us. And far too often, we are concerned about pleasing people, more than pleasing our Father in heaven. 

Lyrics can change everything.

Discovering Artists

Back then, in order to be discovered, it was all about who you know and how much you could put yourself out there and then just maybe, but the Grace of God you could be signed and get a record deal. With youtube, facebook, and myspace musicians can post audio and videos and get so easily discovered and picked up if their talent is what the company is looking for. And unfortunately, in a more negative light it seems as if record labels have lost their compassion for people. Record labels and producers used to truly care about developing the artists and doing what was best for them. Although today, record labels give you one shot and want you to have hit songs from the get go. Producers have become way too selfish, and care more about the money than the investment. Remember producers who helped you get to where you are and how you made that money; from the talent of the young men and women who risked themselves to trust you to help them get big.

Music and Moods

It is said that music affects our moods and our emotions. Do you believe it? According to a study by Healthline, when participants were asked to complete a task, but the only way they completed the task was by listening to upbeat music. Although, in this case the music affected the participants work ethic. Music can also affect our moods, when you listen to sad music you become calm or somber, when listening to rock you can become angry or hyped, just as when you listen to Christian music you can feel uplifted and happy or convicted. Lastly, music can annunciation our feelings; it can express in lyrics what we are trying to express from our hearts. For instance, if I am going through a tough time I will use songs to either help me get through it by uplifting me or by expressing how I feel through the song. Music and moods go hand and hand, believe it or not.